3 Amazing Surfing Spots

If you don’t know by now, I’m a huge fan of surfing and travelint to new countries to discover their breaks and waves. Since the purpose of this blog is to journal my travels and to compile the best information about where to go and what countries have the best surf camps and surfing spots, I’ll kick it off with this list of 3 amazing (in my humble opinion) surfing spots including:

Jaco, Costa Rica

Playa Jaco’s proximity to San Jose (Costa Rica’s capital) makes it an easy choice for many surfers, so it’s not surprising that Jaco’s beaches are one of the most visited coasts in Costa Rica. With a 2.5 mile (4 km) sandy strip, Playa Jaco offers world class surfing!

Besides surfing and waves, Playa Jaco offers a host of other activities including: deep sea fishing, bike rentals, ATV tours, horseback riding and expeditions, crocodile safari (fun, but not as scary as you might think), visits to beautiful national parks and reserves, boat/kayak trips, white-water rafting, canopy tours and a very exciting night life.

Check out this tourist video:

If you think I’m being biased about Jaco, I am! I’ve been there over 5 times and every time it’s just so much fun that I can’t but praise it as a top surfing destinations.

I’ve had the chance to try out various surf camps in Jaco and while they’re all pretty good, some are better than others. If you need help choosing a good surf camp I recommend the following resources: Surf Costa Rica, Trip Advisor, or Surfer Today.

Papara Beach, Tahiti

If you’ve never been to Papara Beach in Tahiti, then you’re definitely missing out. Papara is pretty much an exposed beach and reef break with plenty of consitent surfing. The best time of the year to visit is Winter, so that’s perfect for most northern hemisphere travelers.

If you don’t know much about Tahiti, it’s the largest island in the Windward group of French Polynesia (an overseas country of the French Republic), which can be found in the southern Pacific Ocean. And being an island in that part of the world makes it a great escape from reality if that’s what you’re after.

Did you know that the island was formed from volcanic activity? That alone warrants a trip to Tahiti. Tell me this doesnt amazing?

Some extra surfer information: Papara beach typically receives distant groundswells and the best direction is from the south. The beach break offers both left and right hand waves so that covers just about anyone. On my last trip to Tahiti I didn’t sign up with a surf school, but the folks from Tahiti Surf School seemed like they were having a good time so they may be worth checking out.

Taghazout, Morocco

I love Morocco for many reasons, but their surfing is one of driving factors I keep going back. There are many spots all over Morocco for surfing since the whole country is spread across the coast, but Taghazout’s relative quietness and remoteness (though I hear that the place is undergoing some massive development these days) from all the hustle is the reason I choose to stay there. Plus there are several beach options not too far from the tiny village. In addition to Taghazout beach there’s about 5 or 6 other beaches which offer some very good breaks and waves in the area.

Personally I like staying in Taghazout when visiting Morocco for surfing, but if you’ve never been to Morocco before, I definitely recommend staying in Agadir for a few days (or at least visit it). Agadir is a busy city to the south of Taghazout, but it’s not too far from it (18-20 km).

Here’s a picture from Taghazout for those wondering what the beaches look like:

Taghazout, Morocco


So that’s my 2 cents on the subject. If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments.

Costa Rica: 5 Secret Destinations Unearthed!

I’m a BIG fan of Costa Rica. It’s close to where I love (USA). It’s pretty inexpensive to visit and stay at. The locals are amazing! And best of all, the surfing is one of th best around the world.

Costa Rica has been long known for its stunning natural beauty, surfing, regular go-to beaches and huge biodiversity. Today, we sift through the deep jungles of Costa Rica, examine their serene beaches and delve into the depths of their urban culture to find some of the most secretive destinations you’re missing out on, on your next trip to Costa Rica.

We’ll uncover unconventional holiday spots you ought to go to and places that will create a lasting memory in your mind. In summary, the spots are:

  • Uvita Beach
  • Esterillos Beach
  • Papagayo Peninsula
  • Hidden Valley Night Tour
  • Diamante Canyon

Costa Rica’s Secret Beaches

Once you’re in Costa Rica, you’re bound to visit the over commercialized tourist beaches filled with people. What you’d really want to see are untouched beaches, virgin beaches, if I may, far from civilization whose beauty you can admire all day long. We’ve found some astounding beaches far away from the hustle and bustle of mankind.


With a tail that resembles the fin of a fish, you’re bound to absolutely be in awe of this beach. Known as the “White Tail”, this beach in Uvita is submerged at high-tide in the day and is uncovered during low-tide which is when you can walk up right to the tip and enjoy its splendor.

Uvita costarica beach


Tucked away between two of the most frequented destinations in Costa Rica, Jaco and Manuel Antonio, Playa Esterillos is a stunning beach that has no development around it. It is absolutely perfect to get away from the city!


Papagayo Peninsula

Playa Blanca and Playa Virador have essentially been hidden from the public eye after the world famous luxury hotel Four Seasons started operating there, which makes it hard to access, if you’re not going through the hotel. The beaches are therefore only accessible by a select few guests who visit the Four Seasons hotel. Technically, the beaches are open to the public, so if you don’t mind a little bit of a hike, you can access these two beautiful, secluded beaches.


Hidden Valley Night Tour

The hidden valley night guided tour takes participants deep into the trails of one of Costa Rica’s well preserved 27 acre reserve where you’ll be able to explore a sea of beautiful nocturnal creatures that make the reserve their home. Just be careful of what’s behind you, it’s pretty dark out there, and you might just get eaten up.


Diamante Canyon

Fancy a canyon adventure or rafting into the mysterious rivers of Costa Rica? During the dry season this canyon opens up for opportunities to raft and explore the canyons of Costa Rica. We warn you in advance though, because of the beauty of the place once you go there you might not want to come back. EVER.


Horseback Riding In Costa Rica

Looking to do something exotic and wild exploring the perimeters of Costa Rica? Get on horseback and explore Costa Rica like never before! You’ll have the chance of exploring the country right till the borders of Panama where you’ll be able to look over and wave to all the Panamanians. Ride through the jungles, beaches and wildlife to get a taste of the rich biodiversity Costa Rica has to offer. Giddy up!

Horseback Riding in Costa Rica

These five destinations are stunning and are a treat to your senses. You explore the beaches of Costa Rica, scour through the dense reserve at night and, if a snake hasn’t eaten you up yet, you’ll survive for the most breathtaking piece of canyoneering and rafting you’ve ever done. To top it all off, get on horseback and set yourself free into the wild coasts and jungles of Costa Rica. You’re going to love it so much, you might consider settling there. Adios amigos!